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FOREO: Facial Cleansing Brushes Need To Know Guide

FOREO: Facial Cleansing Brushes Need To Know Guide
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Facial cleansing devices are taking the beauty world by storm, recommended by all the top beauty editors. So what makes these trusty tools so beneficial to our cleansing regimes?

One of the most talked about devices, the FOREO, seems to have become the firm favorite for many beauty bloggers. With their unique appearance and cute color options, we've looked into why this clever device is fast becoming a skin care staple.

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1. A brush with a difference

The FOREO cleansing systems are different to other cleansing brushes due to the fact they aren't actually a ‘brush’. The devices don’t feature bristles or re-chargeable brush heads, just bacteria-resistance silicone with soft touch points that pulsate to deep cleanse. There are different versions for normal, combination, oily and sensitive skins which provide the right amount of exfoliation for different skin types.

2. Great for travelling

The FOREO comes in two main designs – the LUNA and the IRIS. Both are small and compact, making these the ultimate cleaning device for your travels. Whether you are backpacking from city to city, or off on a faraway tropical getaway, you can ensure you won’t be sacrificing flawless skin. Plus, this rechargeable cleansing wonder requires no rechargeable heads, making it an investment purchase at an exceptional value.

Did we mention its waterproof too? Perfect for bringing into the shower!

3. Fast results

The FOREO uses T-Sonic™ technology, which provides thorough yet gentle cleaning by channeling transdermal sonic pulsations across the skin’s surface. The device can be used morning and night with any cleanser you wish to use, giving your skin a smoother and more refined appearance in just three days.

One of the most popular choices, the LUNA mini, effectively removes make-up, dirt and excess oil using its 1300 non-abrasive touch points. Its smooth silicone coating also creates the feel of a facial, with the added bonus that it’s really easy to clean!

4. Ease and simplicity

There’s no rocket science behind effectively using this device, and there is even a dedicated version for men! Our simple steps below will help you get started if you’re a first time user, and feel a little unsure about how this whole cleansing device routine works...



  1. Wet your fully charged FOREO LUNA with lukewarm water, applying a small amount of your chosen cleanser.
  2. Click the main button, which will activate the cleansing mode. To adjust the speed, press the + and – buttons. The cleanser is designed to allow 15 seconds dedicated to each section of the face, pausing the pulsations when its ready to move to the next section.
  3. FOREO recommend that the best process for a thorough clean is to start at the chin, working upwards to the ear and then across the cheek to bring you to your nose. Next, cleanse your forehead, for a full facial cleanse.
  4. Once finished, press the centre button to put the device on standby. Rinse your face to remove any traces of cleanser, and lightly rinse the FOREO to ensure it is clean.
  5. If you wish to use the anti-aging mode, you can activate this by again pressing the central button. Using the back of the device with the soft ridges, press the device onto problem areas you wish to treat. This is mainly the areas prone to wrinkles, such as crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, forehead wrinkles and smile lines.
  6. If you wish, this is the time to pat your face dry, apply your moisturizer, and admire your newly refreshed skin! Once finished, store the FOREO device in a cool, dry place.

Which FOREO is for me?

It may seem like there are countless versions of the FOREO, but don’t be alarmed. They aren’t as overwhelming as they may look!

FOREO LUNA, Play and Mini 2

The FOREO LUNA 2 is the most popular device. It comes with 12 different types of intensity settings, and one full charge of this product provides 450 uses. However, it’s the anti-aging mode which is one of the most loved features for the LUNA 2. This mode is great for boosting circulation and creating the perfect base for product absorption. Great for those night creams in which you want soaking right into the skin and working their magic whilst you sleep.

Packing the entire LUNA experience into a macaroon-sized device, the LUNA play is a fun and affordable intro to the amazing skincare benefits that come from T-Sonic cleansing.

There is also the LUNA Mini 2, which packs all the benefits of the LUNA 2 into a mini version!


For the first time FOREO users out there, an ideal choice is the LUNA Mini. This is a miniature version of the LUNA and is a perfect introduction to cleansing devices! It is also great for existing FOREO owners because the size of the Mini makes it the ultimate choice for the travellers out there, or for those of you regularly on the go.

Top Tips

To conclude, here are some handy little tips which should help you get the best out of your FOREO device.

  • Although your FOREO can be used with your favourite facial cleanser, there are a few which are best avoided. Any harsh abrasives with heavy grainy textures will erode the FOREO’s silicone touch points over time. The same applies for any thick clay-based cleansers, or silicone based.
  • It may be tempting last thing at night to jump straight into bed after cleansing your face, but don’t forget to clean your FOREO device too! It’s a quick and simple process of rinsing with soap and warm water after each use. Follow with a clean water rinse, pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel, and store away in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep your FOREO device away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid placing your FOREO near any harsh liquids which may be alcohol, petrol or acetate based. These can cause irritation when in contact with the delicate skin on your face.
  • As much as you may love your FOREO and want your friends to try it out for themselves, do not share your device with others. It could lead to a build-up of bacteria, therefore it’s best to use your device on your own skin only.

The FOREO cleansing devices are set to continue to take the beauty world by storm, fast becoming a skincare staple for many of us.

Whether you are keen to take your skincare maintenance to the next level, want effectively cleansing on the go, or just want to ensure your skin experiences it’s most thorough cleanse, there should be a FOREO for everyone!

For more cleansing inspiration, take a look at the full FOREO product list here!

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