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Are You Cleaning Your FOREO Device Properly?

Are You Cleaning Your FOREO Device Properly?
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FOREO, the cutesy egg-shaped cleansing device that works with multiple pulsation intensities, offers specialized cleansing. Everybody should have at least one FOREO device - some of you may already have an entire spectrum of colors! But are you looking after them?

How to clean the LUNA™ Mini

  • Wash your FOREO surface with soap and water
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel
  • Leave your device to air-dry

How to clean the ISSA™?

  • Clean your ISSA™ by washing the brush with warm water and running your fingers through the bristles
  • Allow your device time to air-dry.


Leave your FOREO outdoors in the sun to dry. This could result in long-term damage.

But you can

Put your FOREO device in the dishwasher! When it needs a really good bath, stick it in, let it rinse and leave it to air dry for a squeaky clean tool ready to be re-used.

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