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January Beauty Essentials 2018

January Beauty Essentials 2018
SkinStore Editors
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Oh January, it’s cold, it’s dry, and sometimes even more hopeless than last year’s workout plan.

We get it, burpees suck. It’s not you, it’s the January blues, the doom and gloom that hovers over all of us and tells us to hide in our covers until all of the “new year new me,” posts are over.

If you’re skin doesn’t feel as new as all of your friends on the internet, we’ve got some ideas to help you rise above the chill, and come out on top with some products that will make you forget you ever abandoned your resolutions early February every other year.


Highlight Up Your Life

Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that highlighting can be intimidating, but before you disregard it, try these subtle, easy to use, glow-getters.

No, they won’t make your face look like that tinsel that may or may not still be washing out of your hair from the holidays. But they will give your skin that youthful glow that January often lacks.

Simply swipe them on starting with your temples, and down to the top of your cheekbones, and blend them into your skin. If you want even more glow, try it down the center of your nose, or even on your eyelids.


Spritz Some More Moisture

Sometimes one source of moisturizer just isn’t enough for post burpee, January mornings.

After you cleanse, before you moisturize, (hyperlink to dry skin article.) spray your face with this stuff. It will both hydrate your skin, and wake you up like a cosmic cup of coffee. Plus, who doesn’t love spritzing.

Balm: Lip Balm

 Don’t let your lips turn as blue as the weather.

Think of lip balm as an extra layer of protection, if chap stick is a sweater, this stuff is a coat. A really soft, warm, puffy coat.


Safe Sun

Tanning beds are not your friend! For the love of healthy skin, protect your beautiful face. Sunscreen is important all year long. However, if you’re seeking some bronze, try these sun safe, self-tanners.

All of your friends will think you just got back from the Bahamas. New year, new you.


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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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