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Why the NuFACE Mini Should Be In Your Skincare Routine

Why the NuFACE Mini Should Be In Your Skincare Routine
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Enjoy a brand refresh with a snapshot of one of our best-selling brands, NuFACE, and their highlighted product, the NuFACE Mini!

About the Brand

NuFACE treats your skin at every level using Microcurrent Skincare™. The mother-daughter founders and microcurrent aestheticians Carol Cole and Tera Peterson have expertly created a line of clinically shown microcurrent devices that treat your face and body skin at every level and topical skincare to enhance and re-energize.

Perfect for all skin types and age groups, this skin-exercise, as Tera calls it, acts as a workout routine for your skin—devices are your exercise and topical skincare, like many of the brands on our site, is your nutrition. Together they help tone, firm, and smooth the look of wrinkles for beautiful, long-lasting results.

Customize Your Treatments

Every NuFACE device uses a gentle microcurrent, but each is designed for different treatment areas and skin conditions.

Take the large spheres on the Trinity Facial Trainer, for example: they are perfect to contour, lift and firm your neck, cheeks, jowls, and forehead whereas the ELE attachment for Trinity is a precise treatment for eyes and lip helping treat laugh lines, crow’s feet, and lines between your brows – you need a smaller sphere to work with the smaller muscles. You can even use the ELE to pop your brows and plump your lips.

The NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device

NuFACE Mini is a petite, portable, and powerful microcurrent facial toning device that’s FDA-cleared for facial stimulation. This device gently stimulates the larger surface areas of the face–such as the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline–to provide a five-minute facial lift and help improve your appearance.

What is the difference between NuFACE Trinity and NuFACE Mini?

The NuFACE mini is designed for the woman on-the-go with its convenient and travel-friendly size. It comes with a rechargeable battery and compact power adapter. You only need 5 minutes a day to achieve visible results.

The price of the NuFACE Mini is very affordable, which makes this a perfect starter solution for anyone looking for an introduction to microcurrent technology. The mini is for all skin types and anyone wanting a cutting-edge solution to help improve their overall appearance.

This smaller, compact device is built on the same microcurrent technology as the popular NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer. However, the mini is more petite and portable.

Microcurrent Skincare

If the microcurrent technology of NuFACE is your skin's exercise, then skincare will be your face's nutrition.

The brand's line of nutrient-enriched skin care products are formulated to activate the NuFACE microcurrent so that you get the most out of every facial, lip, eye, and body treatment.

These standalone beauty products are packed with anti-aging benefits your skin will love, whether you’re keeping them on after your microcurrent treatment or tapping them on throughout the day.

From serums to cleansing cloths and hydrating sprays, like the NuFACE Hydrating Aqua Gel and the Firming and Brightening Silk Crème we have options to support whatever your skin needs. Together they help tone, firm, and smooth the look of wrinkles for beautiful, long-lasting results.


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