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4 Tips for Perfect Office Makeup

4 Tips for Perfect Office Makeup
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Over 50% of women claim they wouldn't go to work if they didn't have the choice to wear a 'full face of make-up'. And yes, when we say 'full', we mean a full face application.

I thought I was pretty terrible in the mornings before work, stressing about concealing any spots and dark circles. And I always make sure a streak of contour is applied to both cheeks. But saying that, there have been plenty of (terrifying) times I've gone to work wearing no make-up at all. And it appears I'm in the minority.

1200x672-lf-wk36-cg-sept-blog-images-week-3-22 is taking on project confidence, in which we're on a mission to uncover the thoughts and feelings women have towards their own natural beauty. The recent findingsshow that no matter what your position in the workplace - whether it be intern to CEO - women don't feel confident without everything applied. Foundation, mascara, blusher, lipstick... the full works.

In a bid to help encourage women to feel more confident with their natural beauty, and not to feel the need to 'mask' their complexion before facing colleagues, SkinStore are here to help. We've put together 5 key beauty tips which help when it comes to office make-up and workplace confidence, to see if we can start to change this view...

Enhance, Not Mask

If you come into work too 'overdone', your colleagues may start to wonder where you are heading off to after work. That may be something you never assumed, but have a think about it. The girl that comes in fully preened and glammed up to the nines could easily walk into a cocktail bar straight from the office. Don't let your colleagues make this assumption! Go for a smart but slightly un-done makeup look. Conceal and enhance is the key. A slick of black mascara, a touch of contour and an application medium coverage foundation more than sets the standard.

Subtle Eyes

Light browns and Earthy colors are recommended for the workplace, as they known and loved for being natural enhancers. These shades make any eye color pop, and they don't stand out to look too 'evening'. Even a light application of brown can look striking enough without the need to build. They go well with every type of clothing color scheme, and warm up each skintone. So stay professional ladies - the boardroom is no place for glittery blues.

Skip The Gloss

Glide past the gloss please girls, too much can look like your drooling. Or have extremely shiny lips. It looks much more classier to wear peach, pink and nude shades. After all, 70% of women voted nude lipsticks to be their most self-confidence boosting, feel good shade, so jump on this and let your pout look lovely!

Presentation Face

We totally understand the need to use foundation if you suffer from facial redness and flushing, especially when nervous. But try experiment with a touch of bronzer applied in a contouring motion, rather than swirly pink cheeks. Going overboard with blush can create unwanted attention, and accentuate any blushing. A good coverage foundation and a sweep of contour is all you need to hide your nerves!

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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