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6 Genius Beauty Products You Need To Try

As a Beauty Editor, you can imagine how many beauty products and brands I am lucky to be involved with daily. However, every now and again, I’ll notice that some products are seriously ‘wow’. And by that, I mean seriously WOW.

So today I am introducing 6 very unique and special beauty products from my latest discoveries. Each one is unexpectedly impressive, and has changed my beauty regime one way or another. Have a read and see what you think!

  1. Lip Gloss That Changes Color to Brighten Teeth
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    Lip Gloss That Changes Color to Brighten Teeth

    Say hello to this deep sapphire colored lip gloss, which actually turns into a rich berry shade when applied to the lips.

    The Hello Sailor’ Lip Gloss from Lipstick Queen is enriched with protective vitamin E and essential oils to deliver intense hydration and nourishment. The blue pearl shimmmer which is hidden by the glimmering berry is magic – it makes teeth appear whiter and eyes seem brighter! It also has a non-sticky formula, enhances natural lip color and suits all skin tones – an all-rounder.

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  2. A Make-up Setting Spray
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    A Make-up Setting Spray

    A lot of people can’t understand why you would need to use an additional product after you have applied all your make-up, including finishing your face with a setting powder. Those people haven’t yet used a makeup finishing spray!

    An ultra fine mist spray can prevent shine all day and night, set make-up properly, help create that no make-up look and absorb any excess oils. Just one or two spritz is all that is needed, meaning one bottle lasts ages. The Skindinavia oil control spray is our current fave!

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  3. A Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil
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    A Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil

    We know what you are thinking: why would you bother to use another product before your shampoo? Surely shampoo should be the first step?

    Wrong! New research has claimed that hair treatments work better when applied to dried hair, which has lead to the development of pre-shampoo treatments. This Alterna Caviar Moisture Intense Oil Creme Pre-Shampoo can be used weekly as an intensive treatment before you cleanse, leaving it on for 15 minutes to work its magic. You’ll find they are specially formulated for women whose hair just can’t get enough moisture. Give it a go and see if you agree!

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  4. Acne Stickers
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    Acne Stickers

    Hallelujah! A revolutionary launch has finally arrived, which helps us tackle those pesky spots the night before a big event. Long gone are the days when slathering on harsh creams were the only way to treat acne, thanks to the arrival of new innovations, such as these Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots.

    They are easy to apply and flood the skin with a continuous flow of advanced blemish-fighting ingredients for fast and effective breakout relief within hours. No more spreading of bacteria, just rapid spot relief. Apply a patch and night and wake up to wonderful skin!

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  5. An Invisible Lipliner
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    An Invisible Lipliner

    An invisible lipliner means exactly what you think it does- an invisible lipliner. But it has so many benefits that you don’t need to ‘see’.

    This Lipstick Queen Lipliner Invisible is a lipstick liner to suit every lipstick shade. This discreet liner gives you permission to choose whatever shade you desire without showing any trace of a tell-tale line. You will never need to buy any other lipliner ever again. Just apply it to the outline of lips and apply your lipstick generously, without any bleeding or awkward smudges.

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  6. The Sheet Mask
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    The Sheet Mask

    Face masks are so much more advanced these days – you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!

    Welcome to the world of sheet masks, and please don’t get put off by the appearance (although they do look a little funny). They come in a range of skin loving treatments, such as this Karuna Age-Defying Mask, which is 100% natural fiber cloth.

    Sheet masks usually come combined with a serum, therefore they offer so much more than a serum, clay or gel mask on its own. They are virtually mess free, and you can just sit back and let the sheet do the magic. Perfect!

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Don’t be afraid to try something a little different, as these little wonders listed can bring so many unexpected beauty benefits!



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