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Last Minute Gifts For The Ones You Have Forgotten

Your holiday celebrations are right around the corner, and you find a surprise gift being handed to you from your child’s teacher. Ooops – you forgot to buy one back!

With a close countdown to Christmas Day, we’ve put together those best-buy last-minute gifts, suitable for those people who didn’t quite make your gift list.

The Neighbour

So you say hello and swap the pleasantries once a week, but your friendship rarely goes further than the odd discussion over the white picket fence. However, a little gift wrapped box appears at your door, with a gift tag signed from ‘The Jones’. Uh-oh, you never expected this. Fear not. You don’t have to know too much about their personal life to be able to get them a lovely present, which suits the pair of them. These gifts below are good options:

Kid’s Teacher

After picking your little ones up from the school Christmas play, the teacher shakes your hand and passed you a little gift bag. Yes – a very awkward moment when you haven’t purchased one for her/him! If the teacher is a lady, think of something small, around $15, like a luxury hand cream. Or, a rich scented, gorgeous hand soap. For a male, a fresh scented cleanser or beard product always goes down a treat! Again, keep the spend below $20…

Old Friend

3 years have gone since you had that cosy night in with a bottle of wine, catching up on each others gossip. Then all of a sudden, at a last minute Christmas catch-up, the two of you are reunited and you realize she’s came along, gift in tow for you. And you never thought to buy for her. Fear not – this is where a good old $20-$30 thoughtful beauty gift comes in handy. These 3 options below are along the lines you should be thinking – I mean, which girlfriend doesn’t like makeup and beauty treats?

The Aunt You See Once a Year

During a family party this holiday season, your Aunt who you haven’t seen for a while comes bearing gifts. Sure, she used to babysit you when you were younger, but you’ve never had to buy her a gift from yourself before. The key is a present which looks premium, pampering, yet not too generic. Perfume Oils, luxury haircare sets or aromatic bodywash sets work a treat!

Yoga Instructor

So a dedicated yoga enthusiast will possibly have all the yoga equipment and specialist products in the yogi-universe, so think a little outside the box. Mio is a mind, body and wellbeing brand, which retails a number of relaxing and body caring products which make the lovliest of gifts.

Have a browse across the Mio range here, and check out our top 3 gifts from the brand below

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