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SkinCeuticals Takeover: Video Q&A

This month, we’re all about looking after our skin the very best way, and understanding which key ingredients and properties we should be looking at. To get a much more professional and expert view on this, we teamed up last night with Nicole Akers – AVP Education & Development at SkinCeuticals – for our very own exclusive video Q&A on Facebook.


As SkinCeuticals are the leaders in skincare, we invited Nicole to join us on Facebook and answer 10 questions from our social followers. She kindly answered each question, providing a personal, dedicated response via exclusive video clips.

In case you missed the video Q&A, we’ve shared five of our personal favorite questions and answers below, along with products recommended by Nicole, so you can catch up on the evening’s discussions!

Who is Nicole Akers?

Firstly, a little bit of an introduction to Nicole. As SkinCeuticals AVP Education & Development expert, Nicole has over 10 years’ experience in the cosmetic/skin care industry, where she achieved incredible growth nationally/internationally and developed master class training programs. Her vast industry experiences- this including beginning her career working for Dr. Frederic Brandt, SkinMedica (an Allergan Company) as well as LVMH.  Nicole’s confidence and in-depth product knowledge is apparent through her presentation and training style. Nicole holds a B.A in Biological Anthropology from Florida Atlantic University.


Video Q&A

Q1.  I work outside every day in the tropical sun. I only use Retinol at night because I read that it can react badly with the sun. I do use sunscreen. Do you have any advice on how I could improve my skin protection regime? Mary Wright, via Facebook

Q2. What would you recommend to eliminate dark under eye circles? – Lisa McFarland, via Facebook

Q3. What anti-aging SkinCeuticals product can be used on acne prone skin? I’d be keen to know what you can recommend for women that are concerned with anti-aging whilst still fighting adult acne? – Iryna Barros, via Facebook

Q4. What Skincare products and regimen do you recommend to get rid of acne spots/scarring and brown spots? I have tried numerous other brands and nothing has worked? – Jude Robertson, via Facebook

Q5. The beauty industry is developing super-fast and now there’s a lot of players at the beauty-arena. What innovative products do SkinCeuticals have (and maybe planning to release!) to knock out all of the competitors? – Mary Pratt, via Facebook 

A huge thank you to each and every one of you who submitted your questions! It was hard to whittle them down, but eventually we selected 10 key questions which Nicole was more than happy to answer which we felt reflected the nation’s concerns.

A huge thank you to Nicole and the team at SkinCeuticals. To explore the whole range, head over to, or to catch up on more videos, take a look at our Facebook page.



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