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Wake Up Gorgeous: Best Products for Overnight Self Care

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One of the major keys to healthy skin is a good night’s worth of rest. But what if you had extra help while you catch up on the that REM sleep?  Below are some of our favorite night-time regimen must haves for the early-riser who seeks to get the most out of their beauty products overnight.

Candles to Give a Relaxing Ambience: Nest

First you should set the mood for yourself. After long workday spent in office cubicles and subway commutes, you want to give yourself a feeling of entering a dreamy spa. Lighting an aroma-packed candle or activating a scent diffuser for a long-lasting aroma helps create that spa-like tranquility in your home.

Velvet Pear Reed Diffuser $48.00 at

NEST Fragrances, founded in 2005 by female founder Laura Slatkin, has a wide range of collections for any scent and setting you can think of with their chic products.

Tip: For optimal and safe, relaxation, we suggest using a diffuser over a candle if you plan to go right to bed. This way, you can have a full night of care-free, beautifully scented bliss.

Overnight Peels for New Skin: ARCONA: Overnight Cellular Repair Complex

The Overnight Cellular Repair Complex from Arcona leaves sleeping beauties with smoother skin and an overall more even skin tone.  And it does it all utilizing powerful ingredients that provide a multitude of skin benefits.

Ingredients like moisturizing phospholipids from Jojoba and Raspberry leaf wax help to deeply hydrate the skin.  The combination of Rose Hip and Black Currant oil deliver high levels of essential fatty acids, which promote skin elasticity, moisture and renewal.

Replenish Your Skin With Replenix

Replenix is one of the gold standards for anti-aging, deriving potent antioxidant properties to minimize the appearance of skin damage with green tea infused.

Particularly great for those with sensitive skin conditions, including rosacea and psoriasis. The light-weight, fast-absorbing formula contains hyaluronic acid to deliver enhanced moisturization and improved texture, tone and overall skin appearance.

Plus, the latest formula is now fortified with caffeine to enhance the antioxidant properties of green tea. Perfect for giving a wake-up boost!

Protect Your Eyes With Maximum Luxury: Slip Silk Lovely Lashes Sleep Mask - Pink

If you want a truly restful night, we’d recommend a deep sleep mask. But there’s more to them than funky designs.

An eye mask effectively blocks all light reaching your light receptors at the back of your retina. Blue light wavelengths (the light emitted from your phone, computer or TV) boost attention, reaction times, and mood.. However, they also repress your melatonin, which promotes sleep.

Which is why sleep masks are essential for deep sleep. But you shouldn’t skimp on the product you put so close to your eyes. A good sleep mask protects your eyes from developing crow’s feet, puffiness (when using cooling gel masks), and you can get one in almost any design you want.

However, if you want a mask that has it all, including zero harmful dye residue, we’d recommend the coveted Sleep Masks from Slip. Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers and beauty experts, Slip eye masks are a great quality product for a good quality of sleep.

Why? Specifically, the mask is crafted from the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk with a 22 momme thickness. It’s made of pure silk inside and out. Pure silk filler, silk internal liner and even a silk-covered elastic band. Crafted under stringent regulations with certified non-toxic dyes, the sleep mask will protect your eyes and ensure optimal sleep.

The Best Start to a Beautiful Regimen

Remember that even with the best in skincare and makeup, no beauty expert will deny the power of a good night’s sleep. Real beauty starts from within, so give yourself the best gift of extra nap time for a more beautiful start tomorrow!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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