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Beauty that isn’t “so last year”

Beauty that isn’t “so last year”
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We’re all for the trends, but they come and go, and before you can say “how do I even use neon eyeliner,” it will be last month’s news. However, there’s a few looks that will be forever on our shelves. Fool proof, dependable, and timeless.

The New Year is the perfect time to go back to the basics, simplify our routines, and turn the heads of everyone we pass on the streets, obviously.

In a world of constant updates, it’s hard to know what color of eyeshadow you’ll regret when you find photographs of yourself years later. So we’ve done some research on the past, present, and what is here to stay.

What are classic beauty trends?


The red lip

You already know this, but we’ll remind you because it’s a must have for makeup drawers everywhere. Not just any red lip, but a good red lip, a bold, pouty, matte, red lip.

We’ve searched for the best around and put them right here for you bellow, you’re welcome.

Max smooth

 Have you ever wondered why everyone’s skin looks so smooth in those vintage beauty adds? We could get into chemicals, processing, and many other things that have transformed our products over time, but that’s a conversation for a different day.

For now, let’s talk about Erno Laszlo, a brand that dates all the way back to 1925.  Dr. Laszlo was the first to develop products for acne-prone skin. His clients include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Jackie O. Need we say more?

These products are not only timeless, but also extremely versatile. We’ve put some of our favorites bellow for a good starting point.

The cat eye

We know, we know, it’s tricky to complete the perfect cat eye. But the thing is, once you’ve done it, you don’t really need to worry about the rest of your face too much. Like the red lip, the cat eye serves its purpose in being a bold emphasis on a certain area of your face to distract away from the rest. Pimple? Cat eye. Sore lips? Cat eye.

There’s the obvious option of the coveted Stila liquid liner, but if you want to go back to the real original root of it all, try this potted version by Illuminare.

The powder

There’s a reason the ladies room was once called the “powder room,” not only does this stuff extend the wear of your makeup, but it gives you a matte cover over your oil areas like nothing else ever has or ever will.

Although most have switched out translucent powder for a tinted version, there’s something about the original that will stand the test of time. It blends into every skin type, it adapts to your current tones, and it doesn’t overpower anything you may be wearing underneath.

You can wear it in the summer when you’re a sun kissed goddess, in the winter when you’re a pale ice princess, and all of the times in between.

Bellow we’ve given you an option for both loose and pressed, both do the job flawlessly.

Is that you or is that Marilyn Monroe? We can’t tell.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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