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The winter season brings a host of skin concerns for many of us whether we spend our time outdoors in the cold or inside near the heater. Inside we are exposed to the drying heat of the heater that zaps the hydration out of your skin and outside we are exposed to searing cold which also works to dehydrate our skin very quickly (you’ve heard of freeze-dried?).

Dry cracked feet are a very common concern during the winter season, but what can you do? Estheticians answer this question all winter long. Proper foot care all year round is important to your overall health and we always suggest that you focus on hydration on all parts of your skin including your feet daily through all seasons.

To remove the old surface skin, a Foot Treatment is an excellent place to start. You can use treatments up to twice daily to help gently remove the dead skin on your feet.

If you require a little more aggressive approach you can incorporate a Ceramic File, Callus Rasp or a Buffer for additional callus removal by controlled friction. I recommend that you exercise caution when using tools on your feet, never go too aggressive as you could cause additional cracking or bleeding if you get your skin too thin.

Be gentle at first and perhaps do just a little each day until you get the desired results. If your feet simply need hydration, try a foot balm or mask. With high-quality ingredients and intensive treatments, you can have soft, supple feet with just a few treatments!

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Schané Flowers

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