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Beauty Review: WEI Skincare

Beauty Review: WEI Skincare
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My favorite kind of beauty brand is authentic, usually something inspired by nature - it must have something to do with my Indian roots. So I was all for trying products from WEI beauty: a brand that hails from China and centres on a 'farm-to-face' philosophy.

The Balance of Yin and Yang

Wei Brian grew up in Wuhan, Central China, and where you or I would be out playing ball with the kids across the street, Brian was running around her father's farm collecting herbs to make little remedies.

Wei combined the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the East with extensive research from the West to launch Wei Beauty. Chinese herbalists have been concocting special tinctures, tonics and elixirs for more than 5,000 years to address individual skin concerns. This knowledge has been passed through generations and today informs the WEI product line.

My skin type is normal, but my tone uneven and dulled by city life, so I chose a couple of products from the Brightening range, and a selection of masks.

WEI Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk

Using this hydrating milk meant adding a new step to my routine, one that doesn't have a name. I already have so many, did I really need another?

I've been pressing a couple drops of this into my skin in-between toning and applying moisturizer for weeks now. It's super hydrating so it absorbs quickly, and does something amazing for my texture and tone. The WEI milk is soaked in "skin-softening coconut water"; now it's an age-old Brazillian secret to use coconut water on the face - I guess it works.

It's a product I never knew I needed, until now.

WEI Five Sacred Grains Perfect Radiance Pudding Cream

Like the Rapid Glow Liquid Milk, this comes hand-wrapped in artisanal Chinese paper and sealed with the herbal formula. This is inspired by the doctors’ seals on ancient herbal prescriptions, and gives WEI products an authentic touch.

The ingredients in this dream cream are similar to the Liquid Milk too, packed with coconut water that means it melts into the skin. There's no scent, but it quenches my complexion's thirst. After weeks' of continued use, I can see a marked difference in my skin tone.

The proof is in the pudding!

WEI Multi Task Multi Mask Mask Collection

What I love about the WEI masks is the brush that comes with them. Application is easy and enjoyable, not messy as with other brands'. I'll confess so far I've only used the Brown Sugar Ready Glow Exfoliating Mask, which is beautiful on the skin and smells like sticky toffee pudding.

If it's anything to go by the other two will work just great.




I'll confess I hadn't heard of WEI beauty until I was invited to try the products - now it's a brand I'll be telling all my friends about. I would be interested in trying the rest of the Peach (brightening) range, and invite you to test the category best suited to your own skin type.

Explore the full WEI range now.

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