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How to Create Scary Halloween Makeup

How to Create Scary Halloween Makeup
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The nation's favorite occasion to dress up is creeping close. Whats not to love about having an excuse to be a corpse bride for the day?

Thankfully, the days of popping on pre-made frightening masks are over, thanks to us being crazily creative with make-up. We don't have to be an artistic genius to really make a scene this Halloween: we just need the right tools, the right products, and a wild imagination. And we think you have it!

For some first class spooks-spiration, we stumbled across this fantastic Instagram account - the.horror.hub - which we're currently obsessed with. If you're wondering how on Earth you can get-the-look, we've made is super easy for you below.

Enjoy! Now go scare...

Pink and Purple Fright Face

Capture a
  1. Use your usual foundation and create a flawless base. A little more application than usual may be required for full coverage and a long-lasting look. We love Dermablend Intense Powder Camo.
  2. Next, master the eyes first. Take a multi-color eye palette with lots of bold pinks and deep purples - Laura Geller's The Delectable Palette ticks all boxes here. Using precision eyeshadow brushes, layer up your eyelid and the area above in deep purples and navy, layering up until both eyes are dramatic dark purple as above. Then, take a high pigment pink shade, apply with a fluffy, larger eyeshadow brush, and sweep around the brow bone and orbital bone so you are creating a faded pink shape all around the eyes. Blend into the top of the cheeks and just keep blending and layering!
  3. Take one of the darkest shades of eyebrow pens and start to build up your brows as solid, thick arches. We find that if you use Anastasia's Universal Deep Pen, you can continue to use this to create OTT eyeliner flicks above the lash and below. It's so simple to use - just build up lines and flicks as desired!
  4. Take a black or dark grey eyeshadow and start to swirl eyeshadow to the nose tip.
  5. Using a dark and sultry lipstick, such as Lipstick Queens Bete Noir Possessed Sheer Lipstick, paint all over lips. Then, take your Anastasia pen from before, and build up an oversized smile from the mouth corners to the cheeks. Finish by smudging in remains of pink eyeshadow.

Sexy Skeleton Face

Capture b
  1. The key to this look is to have a striking pale face color. If you can find your foundation in a lighter shade, then great. But if you don't want to go out and purchase a new one, just mix your current foundation with a white colored setting powder, such as Dermablends Loose Setting Powder. Layer it up and just lightly sweep the remains away. Set with a sheer translucent powder to lock in the white pigment. Cover your lips with a deep layer of foundation and set with powder.
  2. Take a dark grey/black eyeshadow and start to blend all over the eyelid and the area slightly above. The trick is to just keep layering up, smudging out around all edges so you create a sidewards oval eye shape (in shadow form, of course!). Lilah b's B.Fabulous Palette has some wickedly good deep shades.
  3. Using a sharp liquid eyeliner pen - such as blinc's Ultra Thin Liquid Eyeliner Pen - draw skeletal inspired lines over your pale lips. Use the same pen to dramatize the eyes with eyeliner, and a black shadowed look to the nose. For an edgier look, smudge in a touch of black eyeshadow.
  4. Use the darkest shade from the Lilah b palette to create a sunken hollow contour to the cheeks. A chiseled contour brush such as Sigma's Soft Angled Contour Brush is perfect.
  5. Finish with a sweep of eye polish to add a sheen to your look. Pur's Eye Polish does just the trick!

Broken Pumpkin

Capture c
  1. This look isn't about a flawless foundation coverage, so just use your favorite lightweight foundation, such as bareMinerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation.
  2. To create the broken and smashed up pumpkin look, first take a thick nib black eyeliner pen. We love Laura Geller's Calligraphy Eyeliner Pen to mark out the shape as per the above image. Whilst you have this to hand, start creating the cut-out mouth look to the lips with the marker, as well as the nose pattern and the triangle eye.
  3. Use a brow pencil to shade and fill your 'non-painted' eye with an effective eyebrow pencil, such as Jane Iredale's Eyebrow Pencil in Basic Brown.
  4. Next, shade in the 'pumpkin' part of your face with the orange/golden shade eyeshadow from the Laura Geller Smokey Neutrals Palette. You can then start to shade in the darker lines of the pumpkin using one of the darker palette shades.
  5. For precision, use a set of creative eyeshadow brushes, with angled brushes and flat edge brushes, so you can perfect the lines. Sigma's Basic Eye Kitdoes just the job!
  6. Finish with lashings and lashings of black mascara!

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