Enhancing Your Bone Structure!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieve the look of perfect bone structure? A few tips and tricks will help you highlight your best features and diminish your least favorite. There’s a reason everyone looks good in candlelight. The facial features are illuminated and given a beautiful glow.

Highlighting is basically adding light to the face, something that makeup artists have been doing forever, but only recently has it become a big part of daily makeup routines.

The first step in highlighting is to determine your skin’s undertone, which will be warm, neutral, or cool. Next, find a color that is one shade lighter than your natural color. Keep an eye on how much shimmer your highlighter contains, as the more shimmer, the less natural it will look.

Highlighting products are available in both cream and powder. Generally, cream is better for drier skin types, and powder works better on oily skin. Choose one that is easiest for you to blend. Apply your highlighter down the center of the nose, the middle of the upper lip (cupids bow), middle of the chin, right above the cheekbones and near the inner corners of the eyes.

A great trick for an all-over dewy look is to blend a bit of highlighter into your foundation! Because highlighter is one of the finishing touches to your makeup, be sure to stipple with your fingers to blend and be careful to not smear it. By perfecting these techniques, you’ll create definition and illumination, a slimming effect, and an overall sculpted look. Get ready to boost your confidence with these easy tips!



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