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Q&A with Omorovicza

Q&A with Omorovicza
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On a tour of Budapest, Hungary's anciently-constructed thermal baths, Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza and her now husband, Stephen, fell in love. Through their blossoming romance, they also fell in love with the amazing skin-healing powers of the country's natural spa pools and decided to harness the rejuvenating properties by enlisting the help of a Nobel Prize-winning laboratory that led them to the creation of the luxury skincare brand, Omorovicza.

The brand's exclusive healing concentrate has built them up as one of the most effective and largely organic skincare brands in the industry. We wanted to know more about the company's integration of the natural spring's mineral magic, and asked co-founder Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza a few questions about the company's genius innovative concentrate that drives such revitalizing results.

Q: How old is the brand? When did you start?

A: We started the brand in Budapest, [Hungary] August 2006 — so we are almost 14-years-old...

Q: What is the overall mission of Omorovicza? What is your inspiration?

A: Our mission is to recreate the transformational skin vitality the founders first experienced while bathing in the Omorovicza Healing Waters.

Q: Where does Omorovicza source their ingredients from?

A: We source our ingredients from all over the world... we are constantly scouring the globe looking not just for innovative ingredients but also ways we can improve their delivery in topical skincare.

Our main ingredient, however, is our patented Healing Concentrate™ which transforms Hungarian Healing waters through a process of bio-fermentation making the minerals highly potent.

Q: What is so unique about Hungarian thermal waters in Omorovicza skincare?

A: Our waters are sourced in Budapest — a city which due to its' geographical formation, has more thermal water sites than any other place. Because of this, it is known as the International Spa City. The [word] SPA is derived from the Latin phrase, 'Sanitas Par Aqua', or 'healing through water.'

I would say that it is not just the waters which are unique, but more that we have been able to patent a process making the minerals in these waters bio-available for the first time in topical skincare.

Our family has believed in the transformational qualities of these waters for hundreds of years and built the city's most beautiful spa which was later donated to the city for the people's health and well-being.

Q: What is your favorite product?

A: It is so difficult to choose just I will not!

I'm currently using the following:

Thermal Cleansing Balm as it removes everything and is a joy to use...

Double cleansing with our Moor Mud Cleanser

OmorEssence — a next generation toner

At night only (Acid Fix)

Miracle Facial Oil mixed with our Rejuvenating Night Cream (Day and Night)

UltraMoor Mud Mask — both lifting and detoxifying

Glam Glow (every few days... gives a gorgeous, glam soft glow of natural color)

Q: What is the most unique Omorovicza product?

A: Probably our Thermal Cleansing Balm which is a black cleanser [that] uses the Moor Mud — not only does it clean absolutely everything (makeup, impurities, etc) it improves the tone and texture of the skin. Smells of Orange Blossom too!

Q: Are your products organic? Or vegan-friendly? Do you use any silicones or parabens?

A: We do not use silicones or parabens, in fact, our formulations are (at a minimum) 95% pure. We are mostly vegan-friendly — though we do use beeswax and carmine in a handful of products.

Q: What can a first-time user of Omorovicza expect from the products?

A: Omorovicza products transform the tone and texture of your skin, leaving it suppler, healthier and younger-looking... from the first use...

Q: What is a regimen you would recommend for a first-time user?

A: I would recommend two or three products:

Cleanser: Cleansing Foam
Moisturizer — depending on your skin condition:

Normal/Oily: Balancing Moisturizer

Normal/Dry: Illuminating Moisturizer

Dry: Rejuvenating Night Cream (I use this in the day or night)

If you are up for a third...

Treatment — depending on your skin concern:

Radiance/Hyperpigmentation: Midnight Radiance Mask

Acne: UltraMoor Mud Mask

Dry Skin: Miracle Facial Oil

Fine Lines/Wrinkles: Acid Fix

Q: Are your products tests on animals?

A: No.

Whether you're intrigued by the magical and natural healing properties of the Hungarian thermal waters or entranced by the love story that started it all, the ancient healing properties of Omorovicza are changing the way we treat our skin. Find out what Omorovicza and do for you today! And if you'd love to try a few samples, snag a holiday gift set to treat yourself this winter!

Discover more healing products from Omorovicza at our SkinStore website here.

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