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How to Conquer Black Friday the Chilled Way

How to Conquer Black Friday the Chilled Way

After a delicious turkey that took all day to roast and a pecan pie that’s left you loosening buttons, do you really want to put on your duffle coat and head over to Walmart early Friday morning? For some, the annual trip (camp-out for others) is as much an annual tradition as cranberry sauce but maybe it’s time for a new tradition.

One click-shopping has never been easier, so why not do yours online? Cyber deals are no longer reserved for the Monday after Thanksgiving – you’ll realize that soon enough when you see what we have in store.

It starts with the SkinStore Black Friday Chill-out playlist!

Turn up the feel-good songs while you browse online and secure the greatest buys.

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Last year we had savings of up to 25% across so many of your favorite brands. Some of the best facial devices, such as FOREO and NuFace had a percentage off last year but for limited periods only. You had to keep your eyes peeled then, and you’ll need to this year too.



Happy shopping!

Andrew Douse

Andrew Douse

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