Halle Berry’s Must-Have Skincare: The Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit

Ever wondered how natural beauty Halle Berry always looks to timelessly radiant and glowing? Well, we have just the product, straight from the starlet herself!

Pictured on the red carpet for hew new movie Kidnap this week, Halle’s skin is glowing – and now we know why! At 50, she doesn’t look a day over 35 and today we are so excited to reveal her ultimate skincare secret…

Credit: Photo by Jen Lowery/REX. Halle Berry at Kidnap film premiere, Los Angeles USA, 31 Jul 2017

Halle Berry’s Skincare Secret

In a Twitter Q&A last night to promote her brand new movie, Kidnap, Halle answered a series of questions – from career queries to movie mentions, she opened up in the genuine and honest way we all love her for.

However – there was one question we were the most interested in… When asked ‘what is your secret to looking so beautiful?’, Halle revealed the very skin care secret that she swears by for getting her complexion runway ready. None other than our very own Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit.

What is the Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit?

The Red Carpet Facial Kit by Kinara contains everything you need to give yourself a celebrity skincare treatment at home.

Containing a Red Carpet Facial Peel to turn over skin cells to reveal a brighter and younger complexion, a Red Carpet Neutralize to revitalize tired looking skin and a Red Carpet Mask to hydrate and plump – and of course the treatment bowl and brush for that in-salon experience – it has all the equipment you need for an at-home salon style facial.

Benefits of this at home facial include radiant skin, a reduction in fine lines and control over breakouts, acne and enlarged pores. The only side effect is how addictive this treatment will become as part of your weekly skincare regimen.

How to use the Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit

Make like Halle Berry and give yourself a red carpet ready facial at home using this luxury treatment kit by Kinara. Simply follow our steps below to help you get that glamorous glow!

  1. Squeeze 1 teaspoon of the Red Carpet Facial Peel into the bowl provided, and use the brush to stroke a thin layer evenly across clean, dry skin on your face and neck. Be sure to avoid your eyes and lips!
  2. Leave the peel on for 1 – 3 minutes, depending on your skin’s sensitivity (bearing in mind that a slight tingling sensation is normal). While you do this, you can clean the brush and bowl using plain water ready for the next step.
  3. After no more than 3 minutes, wash the peel off your skin using cool water. Don’t use a cleanser.
  4. Brush one teaspoon of the Kinara Red Carpet Neutralizer directly over the peel. Work into your skin using the brush to activate a fizzing sensation – tingling is normal!
  5.  After 30-60 seconds, gently rub a washcloth over the skin’s surface for another 30 seconds. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  6. Apply the Kinara Red Carpet Mask using your fingers or the brush. Relax for 15 minutes whilst the mask works its magic! Then, rinse with lukewarm water.
  7. Follow with Kinara Lactic Acid Serum for oily skin or Kinara Intense Moisturizer for dry skin. All easily applied with a treatment bowl and brush.

Special Instructions: If you are oily and acenic, you can safely use this peel every day for 30-days. After 30-days, you can maintain your results by using the peel twice a week.


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