How to Contour Using Skincare Products

It’s all over the runways and red carpets these days: that fresh, dewy look that somehow appears as if the skin has been lit from within. Carefully applied highlighters and shimmering powders create the most gorgeous luminous skin, but what about those days when we don’t want to wear make-up?

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need a professional skincare therapist to brighten up and highlight your face for your bare face contour. To show you how to achieve a naturally glowy complexion yourself using purely facial products, we asked Skin Authority to step forward.

Highlighting with Skincare

Firstly, have a little watch of this skin contouring video using the Beauty Infusion Collection.

Step 1
To achieve the celebrity loved ‘no make-up make-up look’, Skin Authority have launched the Beauty Infusion collection to provide that fresh, youthful look in an instant. This naturally highlighted look involves key brightening ingredients such as Tumeric and Blueberry to fade any discoloration or brown spots, and add a healthy sheen to the skin.

Step 2
Start with a clean base. Gently sweep the Instant Perfection Peel Pads across the face and neck, without the need to use water. These innovative leave-on peel solution pads work to improve skin texture and deliver a brightening, firming effect. They also increase the absoption of other skincare products.

Step 3
Next, select a Beauty Infusion serum of your choice as an overall face base. If you have dry patches, irritation or breakouts, the Probiotics for Clarifying is the best serum to massage into skin. For hydration, the Quinoa and Avocado infusion is fantastic for smoothing and nourishing for that super soft base. For aging concerns, the Swertia Chirata infusion helps improve photo aging, wrinkles, lip lines and texture.

Step 4
The illuminating oils create a fresh glow all over the skin, with no greasy residues. To then create a further, more obvious highlighting effects, apply a couple of drops of the Tumeric and Blueberry Brightening Infusion, and apply it lightly to where you would usually highlight. So under the eyes, tops of the cheeks, along the nose and the center of the forehead.

Step 5
Using a natural looking concealer or light BB cream, lightly tap the liquid over the highlighted areas, blending in. You’ll notice you face looks instantly lit up, with an all-over gorgeous glow and a more defined highlight. Plus – it’s all healthy for your skin!

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