SkinStore Advent Calendar Day 23: Erno Laszlo

SkinStore Advent Calendar Day 23: Erno Laszlo

Shine bright like a star with today’s advent calendar offer. It’s Day 23 and with Erno Laszlo purchases, you’ll receive a FREE Erno Laszlo Hydrating Duo worth £13 when you spend $80 with the brand!

Discover the secret to flawless celebrity skin with Erno Laszlo’s double cleanse, and follow through with world-class moisturizers, serums, face masks and more – each representing a proven line of products with a tradition of success. Dr. Erno Laszlo was the progenitor of modern skincare, himself. His line launched in the 1920s and remains the authority in skincare today. By following Laszlo’s ritual, you too can obtain A-list skin.

No other skincare line has been embraced by more influential figures than Erno Laszlo products.

The Story

Dr. Erno Laszlo was a Hungarian skin pathologist who established many of the principles that we recognize today as commonplace features of skincare. A-listers came flocking for help with their complexions as the effectiveness of Laszlo’s methods caused a rippling sensation across the globe. But it wasn’t miracles that he was offering women. No, the foundation of Dr Laszlo’s method was to simply establish an effective, daily skin care ritual that centres on cleansing and moisturizing.

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

The Laszlo Glow

High-quality skincare is the cornerstone of a successful personal care routine. Designed by a legend, Erno Laszlo products offer trustworthy answers to your biggest skin concerns. Laszlo believed in a well-rounded skincare ritual and his legacy lives on, bottled and cased into a wide selection of products that can help you achieve a beautiful complexion. These formulas rely on the basic tenets of effective skincare, and can be mixed and matched to suit your skin’s unique needs. Design a full regimen using products you can trust.

Countdown to Christmas with our virtual advent calendar. Check back everyday for an exciting surprise!

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