Discovering LIFTLAB Skincare

LIFTLAB is the skincare brand designed to overhaul your skin even in the most unforgiving of climates. Using the environmentally-friendly Cell Protection ProteinⓇ (CPPⓇ) found in beetles, worms, plants and fish, this is seriously state-of-the-art skincare. Twenty-five years ago the founding scientists of LIFTLAB Skincare discovered how plants and animals survive the harsh cold of the Arctic and extreme heat of the desert, by producing CPPⓇ.

This interesting concept is like no other, so we wanted to learn more about them not only as a brand we retail on SkinStore, but for our own skincare needs too!

One of the nicest starting points is to understand that no matter what else you’re using for your skincare regime, whether it’s prescription or over-the-counter, LIFTLAB products won’t harm your skin. At all. So lets go…

No delusions

Each straight-talking product in the LIFTLAB line boasts a sophisticated formula. When used synergistically, the LIFTLAB family will Photoshop your skin. So remarkable are the multi-continental results that, naturally, this is the brand flight attendants and pilots rely on.

The best part about LIFTLAB products is discovering new uses, for example the PURIFY + CLARIFY cleanser is just peachy as a wash and an exfoliant for the face but it also serves as a mask, and can be used on the décolleté or to treat ‘bacne’. And the LIFT + MOISTURIZE daily cream? Yeah not only is it hydrating but pro make-up artists use it as a face primer!

Now the LIFT + PERFECT total rejuvenation cream – that’s your 5-in-1, all inclusive pal. First and foremost it’s a moisturizer, but it’s silkier than others, and probably more luxe. It has the highest concentration of CPPⓇ and is jam-packed with peptides.

This holy grail revs up collagen and elastin, and while it does address deep set wrinkles, don’t think of this moisturizer as your typical anti-aging cream. It’s anti-inflammatory, so troubleshoots rosacea, and also prevents multiple links in the chain that lead to pigmentation. Using a blend of enzymes, LIFT + PERFECT also targets texture.

Another key product we spy a lot across beauty press is the LIFT + REPAIR™ Correct Multi-Active Serum, which is formulated with the strength of CPP™ plus six additional proteins and peptides. This transformative serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. While promoting skin regeneration it also provides immediate hydration and, with regular use, aids in long-term skin repair at the cellular level.

Serums are a fantastic addition to apply after cleansing, underneath your moisturizer. It works more like a treatment product, conditioning the skin and correcting the damage already present, whilst protecting against any additional.

Along with Cell Protection Proteins®, active ingredients include: Easyliance®, a botanical to firm and strengthen skin layers; Kolleran®, to rebuild skin’s own collagen and elastin, plus Vitamins E, B5 and B3 to help protect from UV damage and even skin tone.

The range is small, yet powerful – you have a product which tackles every concern and when used together properly, achieves professional results for an improved complexion.

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