SkinStore Advent Calendar Day 5: Tammy Fender

It’s time to start believing in the magic of Christmas because today, we’re giving away 25% off Tammy Fender as part of our virtual advent calendar!  

Nurture your mind, body and soul

Tammy Fender’s approach to skincare is holistic, underpinned by ingredients so fresh that all of her products should be used within 3 months’ of opening. These are 100% botanical formulas people, formulated to enrich, purify and protect your skin. The results are deeply healing and designed to guide your skin to the perfect equilibrium. Expect nothing short of divine ingredients, such as Bulgarian lavendar.

Our skin is the largest living organ, and the way Tammy Fender sees it is that what we put onto our skin works similarly to the food we eat – restoring the body’s harmony and vitality, and in allowing the “chi” energy that connects us to all living things to flow. That’s why ingredient lists on your skincare products are as salient as the ones on your food packets.

All Tammy Fender products emphasize her passion for the ancient tradition of holistic medicine, and each is meticulously designed to promote wellness on all levels, including physical, spiritual and emotional.

Tammy Fender’s beautiful organic products create a straight-talking collection of effective skincare that the no-nonsense glitterati and high-power business women love. Discover rescue remedies for all your skincare concerns.

Tammy’s Tips:

“As the evenings grow long, and the earth’s energies turn within, we receive an enticing invitation to follow our own spark, and to experience curiosity’s exquisite power, whether by taking a new class, reading something new, experimenting with a new solution to an old problem, making a new friend or simply seeing the familiar with fresh eyes. I’ll share some of my thoughts on tuning into that curious vibration below. I hope you’ll find the same thrill in honoring and enjoying your sense of curiosity as I do!”

—Tammy Fender

The Channels

So often when facing the unknown, we fall into worry. Curiosity—while often described as anxiety’s close cousin—meets the unexpected with joy instead of dread. Following your own sense of curiosity creates new pathways in the brain, increasing the number of neurons and neural connections. And in helping the brain remember that love of curiosity, which was certainly there in each of us as a child, we become flexible and resilient. If you’re trying something new, pure essence of Chamomile, as in our Roman Chamomile Tonic, has a great capacity to smooth the way.

Young at Heart

When we strive to learn something new every day, the heart stays active and the mind bright. We associate the alertness and enthusiasm of curiosity with youth, but curiosity is something that we don’t have to give up as we age. In fact, quite the opposite, curiosity guards the mind against rigidity. Essence of Rose, at the heart of rejuvenating Quintessential Serum, is the perfect, uplifting ally.

Listening In

In a way, as with many meditative practices that cultivate mindfulness, practicing curiosity has an incredible ability to bring us closer to our own intuitions, and to finding our own inner guidance. We never know what we’ll find by listening in deeply and being willing to follow the heart into the new. But that’s the point! When we stay curious, we may even discover the kind of rich happiness that breathes fresh meaning into life.

Countdown to Christmas with our virtual advent calendar. Check back everyday for an exciting surprise!

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