Toners for Winter!

We’re not here to talk about toning your calves. That’s a different conversation. We’re here to talk about the kind of toning that comes in a bottle and can be sprayed, rubbed, our poured onto your skin.

Toning is important for you if you’re someone who wants a fresh, calm, nourished complexion. So basically, everyone.

In the winter, toning is especially important because it helps boost moisture! This is because toners contain ingredients that add more nourishment into your skin after cleansing, and allow it to soak up all the good stuff in your moisturizers, serums, or whatever else you like to put on your face.

Think of toning as another layer of protection. PH Balancing, soothing, pore shrinking protection. If you’re not doing it, or you want to do it differently, we have some things for you to try.

Just like anything, there are many different types of toners. At the moment, we are partial to ones that focus on hydrating our dry January skin, and give us a glow that not just our mothers notice.

Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for something you can put on a cotton ball and swipe along your skin, and feel comforted, and warm, and loved.

If you need to unwind from your day, crawl into bed, and read this blog until you fall asleep.

If you want your skin to resemble pure morning dew on Indonesian tea plantations.

If you’d like to spray a fountain of youth onto your skin that smells like an expensive spa.

If you need something to make your skin as clear as the blue sky.

Go ahead, make your calves jealous.




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