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Switching your skincare routine as the temperature drops? Dermablend Professional’s newest foundation, Flawless Creator is an ultra-silky, oil-and-water-free foundation that can be seamlessly mixed into your cold-weather skincare base – including serums, moisturizers, oils, and SPFs to create custom tinted skincare. With only 10 ingredients, these liquid pigment drops are an easy way to add coverage to your winter skin routine.

Because there are varying skin types and each reacts in its own way to colder temperatures, expert dermatologist, Jerome Potozkin of SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa by Potozkin MD Skincare Center, breaks it down by skin type for the best skincare and makeup combinations that utilize products his patients use daily – Dermablend’s Flawless Creator and SkinCeuticals.

If You Have Oily/Acne-Prone Skin:

Add a lightweight, oil-free, but richly hydrating hyaluronic acid serum, such as SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel to 3 – 4 drops of Flawless Creator to even complexion and cover any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

If You Have Dry Skin:

With cold outdoor air and dry indoor heating wreaking havoc on skin, refill cellular lipids and nourish dry skin with SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 with 2 drops of Flawless Creator either mixed in or layered on top for moisturizing coverage.

If You Have Normal Skin:

Mix a nourishing facial moisturizer that restores and maintains daily moisture for normal to dry skin, such as SkinCeuticals Emollience, with 1-2 drops of Flawless Creator.

If You Have Combination Skin:

Those with combination skin may need to use a cocktail of a serum and a cream. Potozkin recommends mixing a couple drops of Flawless Creator together with a serum and cream and then adding an extra drop to areas that have larger pores, discoloration or breakouts to blur the surface. SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture provides lightweight, long-lasting hydration and helps minimize the appearance of pores.

If You Have Sensitive/Rosacea-Prone Skin:

Delicate skin requires protection and can benefit from a lightweight cream that helps to alleviate skin blotchiness and discomfort such as SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer. A couple drops of Flawless Creator mixed with this cream is ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. In addition, the Flawless Creator’s elastomer gel ingredient contains silicones which helps to prevent moisture loss and keep the skin protected from damaging pollutants throughout the day.

While we know that combining your skincare routine with your makeup might be a bit unconventional, products from Dermablend and SkinCeuticals make it easy to multitask as you transition your routine from summer to fall. Shop more of our favorites from Dermablend and SkinCeuticals on SkinStore today!

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