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SkinStore Advent Calendar Day 11: MIO

SkinStore Advent Calendar Day 11: MIO

Baby it’s cold outside. So stay indoors and cosy up by the fire, especially as we’re offering $10 off the Mio Liquid Yoga Candle as part of Day 11 on the advent calendar!

This candle is yoga for the mind. It creates an ambience of positive energy and soothing vibes. The idea is that you can meditate, relax and restore by the warm glow of the flickering candlelight – an approach that’s been used for centuries to ease tension and aid better sleep.

This natural wax candle in a glass has an uplifting lavender-mint scent. There have been studies that show lavender helps to alleviate anxiety or depression, remedy insomnia, and even provide PMS relief.

The Mio Liquid Yoga candle can burn for up to 40 hours. You will no doubt find the divine scent healing, as lavender can have significant effects on the nervous system.

Of all five senses, scent is the most powerful. Certain fragrances are connected to your memory and choosing the right one can connect you better to yourself and the things that make you happy.  So take a deep breath and let the flickering wick and soothing fragrance of the Mio Liquid Yoga candle transport you on a journey of wellbeing.

It also makes for a beautiful present.

Countdown to Christmas with our virtual advent calendar. Check back everyday for an exciting surprise!



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